What about this thing called language?

Tom Phillips Letters
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What about this thing called language? Specifically, what about this thing called a National language? Did you know that 41 percent of U.S. residents–some 25.6 million people–have difficulty speaking English?
Should that be a concern? I think so. Before the mid-60’s, in this country, there was no legal immigration–not to be mean, but to give time for the immigrants already in the country to assimilate. A country is a culture, and culture means, among all else, a common language. That’s how we understand each other. Without understanding, very little can be accomplished. Being able to talk to one another, to communicate, to be heard, is the very first requirement of a civilization.
The graphic is Tom Phillips’ LETTERS. Tom Phillips is the person who came to my mind as a perfect example of what, exactly, language means to a culture. He is “an artist whose work is fueled by several persistent preoccupations, expressed through an even larger number of formats. These include painting (both figurative and abstract), opera (composer, librettist, set designer), concrete poetry and ornamental forms of writing, sculpture and site-specific designs (mosaic, tapestry, wire frame objects). He has also taken on several para-artistic roles – critic, curator, committee chairman for the Royal Academy, translator – all of which he has folded back into his art.” The quote is from his webpage at: http://www.tomphillips.co.uk/
Without a common language there can be no exalted expression of the human experience. And it it just that expression that is required in order to achieve human potential. Does that mean that a global language, the result of a global mixing pot, is what’s coming? And, if so, will the human race survive?