On My 76th Birthday

Art work for Leona the Part-Time Fairy – M L S Baisch

As I sit here thinking about what is important and what is not, especially in terms of what is being and has been written, I think there is too much unthoughtful thinking going on in the world. It seems that everyone beats a drum and most of the drums are being tuned by mechanical tuners, the sort that tend to tune imperfectly. Not thoughtful in that a desired outcome is grasped before the thinking has even begun: the intellectual get of a sort of modernity of a world of wishers who have forgotten how to think.

And so I remember, though I had to look for it, this quote: “Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” G K Chesterton

I do love fairy tales Not the strange, modern sort that are more political than otherwise, and that serve more to divide than to unite and never manage to conquer anything at all. I love the old-fashioned fairy tales with old-fashioned fairies and dragons and elves. In other words, I love the tales which metaphorically serve as a bridge to most everything that is really important.

M L S Baisch
December 27, 2017
My birthday reminder to myself

The year of the book has begun! My books!

Generally speaking, I do my annual planning in the  fall. That’s when I assess where I’ve been and where I’m going, figuratively speaking. I think it has something to do about a lifetime of looking forward to the start of the school year. For me, there’s nothing nicer than a new box of crayons; I still buy them when school supplies hit the shelves.

My eBook projects have been in the works for awhile–a long while. 2015 is going to be the year of the book. My books! My annual planning says it’s so!


Leona-96pix-800x1280The pièce de résistance  will be my children’s book, Leona the Part-Time Fairy.

This book has been a labor–of love, of course, but also of several years.

It’s a story that has taken on a life of its own and become more than one book. 2015 will see the completion of the second book in the series.

Deciding how to bring this book to market has been an interesting process. There are so many things to consider:

Traditional vs. ePublishing – both paths are circuitous. There are potential pitfalls, advantages and disadvantages. Once that decision has been made, the fun begins.

There is more one needs to know about either publishing decision than can actually possibly be learned without actual experience. I can certainly understand why an author needs an agent and a publisher.

It’s a question of does one want to write, or publish, or market books. There are three distinct processes involved in getting a book onto the shelf–or in the iPad. Four, if you separate the edit process from the writing process.

I won’t belabor my choices, except to say that I plan to ePublish. Leona the Part-Time Fairy will hit the eBookstands after the first of the year.


In order to launch this first book, I had to understand the various ePublishing platforms. To that end, I have put up three eBooks. All three are available now as Kindle books and can be found at Amazon.com. Click on a picture and you will be magically transported.


They are experimental and short, but they have served my purpose. Interestingly enough, the two real kitties have become fictional characters (in my mind), and their exploits will go on as a chapter book series for kids.

FreddyCat and Bugs (our cats: one an exotic Sphynx housecat, the other a stray alleycat) have agreed to partner-up in a series of FreddyCat books.

The original eBooks are photographic picture books.




These two cats couldn’t be more different. That, of course, is the beginning of a great story.

FreddyCat Finds A Friend and Hi! I’m Bugs are introductions to the chapter book series.







The third of these experimental books isn’t intended as a children’s book at all–though many children will enjoy it.

Rembering When is a 55 page book of photography that features decrepit, old automobiles, farm equipment, and miscellaneous technological advances from yesteryear. It’s incredibly interesting to look back–and not so many years–to see where we’ve come from in terms of our daily lives.

What fun I expect to have in 2015!  It’s true! It’s true! Everything happens quicky–even things that take a very long time!

Mona L S Baisch