When Life Takes a Hairpin Turn

Unknown Artist

Life rarely goes straight forward. Generally speaking, I’d like it to. I’m a planner and I really don’t care to have my plans interrupted. By this time, you’d think I’d know that thing about life: it just isn’t linear–at least not in a straight forward sort of way.

Life enjoys the twists and turns, sometimes gentle curves, mostly gentle curves; but every now and then life throws in a hairpin curve. A dramatic change of direction. Maybe just for fun–that life force called by different names obviously has a sense of humor. Or maybe just to keep us from becoming complacent.
I suppose those hairpin turns can be seen as challenges, even opportunities. At the time, however, a hairpin curve is an obstacle, a difficulty, a disappointment.
It could be that a sharp turn of events really does mean that something is over and something else has begun. Or it could mean that it’s time to reassess and realign: to rethink; to incorporate the new into the old in creative ways.
For certain, a real hairpin turn demands a change of direction, demands some change of plans. And it demands walking on, trusting to the future, holding on to strands that can be collected and reaching for the wispy new strands that float by.
M L S Baisch © 12/2017
Photo: unknown artist – Think of this cat as a cat turning from one of its 9 lives to another.

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