On Neurotheology

Our Lady of Heaven Catholic Church Oreana, Idaho

Our Lady of Heaven Catholic Church
Oreana, Idaho

My friend, Christine, mentioned neurotheology this morning – something I’ve thought about, but not put a name to. Obviously, writers, most of us who call ourselves writers I imagine, know that when we turn loose of our minds, words come from somewhere inside–from a place, or perhaps from a knowledge, that wasn’t known to us consciously.

Below is a quote from an article in the Atlantic (by Lynne Blumberg, Jun 5 2014, link below).

“When practitioners surrender their will, activity decreases in their frontal lobes, suggesting that speech is being generated from some place other than the normal speech centers.”

The writing experience is simply that. When words flow free to the page–and writing is a form of speech, speech a form of thought–they flow from this place.

I’ve long recognized writing–not all writing, obviously, not letters, not even this post, but what most likely call creative writing–to be a spiritual activity. When people say that religion is dead, or God is dead, it likely means these people have lost, or never have found, the capacity to surrender their will and commune from this other place.

Good writing comes from the place. The commercially-oriented writing market is, perhaps, probably, really killing God.

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