Who’s the brain here anyhow?

It isn’t me. It’s the electronics I surround myself with. When something is wrong with the computer, the modem, the security system, even settings in windows FGS, nothing gets done here.

At one time, writers wrote on paper with pen or pencil. No more. At one time, I used to think I would never be able to compose anything sitting at a keyboard–but that day came.

Now, here I am, another computer problem and another day at least partially lost to the electronic brain.

Today is the day I ditch Norton for Kaspersky! My hope is that it won’t take me out of commission all day AND, more important, that I don’t have another down day because of some brain sickness in the electronics (virus).

Here goes. See you later, folks. (If all goes well.)

Mona L S Baisch

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