It’s all about words . . .

I believe it’s important to write everyday, or very close to it, especially when working on a new project. If much time goes by without thought-to-page = words, it’s easy to lose track and hard, or even impossible, to ever get back to the same place in your mind.

However, I’m not a writer who believes in spitting out words like strafe fire. From the first draft, I like to be a bit choosy about what I write, and I like to do a first edit on what I wrote the day before at the beginning of every writing session for a work in progress.

That said, it’s still all about words: If you don’t get the words down on the page, especially while a new thought is first in your mind, they disappear and are forever lost to you. You may still write something where those lost words would have been, but they are not the same words. Ask anyone who’s ever written a document in a word processor, didn’t save it, and can’t get it back. Words, the second time around, just aren’t the same.

It’s good to have a target in mind–sometimes it’s a daily word count you aim for; sometimes it’s a deadline. I generally like to write 2000 good words a day. It’s like a speed limit through town: If it’s not otherwise posted, drive 25 mph. If I’m not working on a deadline (finish an edit by March 1st), I try to write 2000 words a day.

Hooray! So far, for the month of February, I’ve averaged 2333.3333333 words a day!

I’m happy.

Mona L S Baisch

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