COLOR – Specifically, Blue

Patrick Syme Color Chart for Blue

Color – all around us, but we rarely truely see it.

This is the time of year I settle down with color charts and magnifying glass as I chart iris to be registered in the American Iris Society registry. Blue is a fairly unusual color as flowers go. However, there are many wonderful blue iris – from the blue self (blue standards and falls) to those with blue stitches and dots (plicatas) and others with blue bands or infusions of blue over other colors.
Blue is an elemental color – over us (sky), under us (mined from oar and found in gem stones) and all around us (often as a reflection: water).
Goethe wrote of blue not advancing to us, but drawing us after it, and pre-dated the field of color psychology in his writings. He wrote The Theory of Colors looking for a link between color and emotion.
This unique color diagram charting blue is by Patrick Syme.
M L S Baisch

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