Permutation of Color Wheel

Add color to your emotional life!

Add color to your worries!

Sometimes something just catches my fancy, as did this worry wheel. Love this concept – a worry wheel that looks like a demented artist’s color wheel. How much nicer to have one’s worries organized and colorful!

I imagine that just the process of identifying, categorizing, and coloring every worrisome thought that flits through my mind would soon lead to hilarity.

I’m not particularly worried, though I have colorful things to worry about–I imagine we all have vibrant worries, pastel worries, dark worries, bright worries, lurking worries, silly worries, and also very real worries.

If I ever get around to coloring in my worries, I definitely plan to put the bright ones in the middle of the wheel. I can see that there’s something about bright central worries that makes the dark worries lurking on the outside less terrifying. No one can doubt that the dark worries are out there lurking. Not anyone with a television.

Gardens, though, are peaceful, and I spend many of my hours in the gardens. They are also a lot of work, especially this time of year. The dig here is about over–another week or two. It’s about time to be putting my gardens to bed. Cold weather is just around the corner, which is difficult to believe since it was at least 103 here today.

I’m ready for cool weather and another season. I seem to want to be picking up my paintbrushes, to be putting some words on blank pages with a story line that makes better sense than this post. My mind is getting playful again. Tis the season! The dig is coming to a close for another year.

M L S Baisch



Rat swimming the Snake River, Idaho

Rat swimming the Snake River, Idaho

Life goes on

Inside the ups,
Inside the downs;

Inside the frowns,
Inside the smiles,

Inside the truth,
Inside the guile.

Life goes quick:

As short as it is long;
As fast as decades slow;

As brief as winks and smiles;
As memories ebb and flow;

As wonders never cease
To grab, pull and release;

Or hold, to cuddle close
To fabricated truths.

Wherever Is life going?
Wherever does life go?

M L S Baisch © 2017

Photo: Rat in Snake river 4/2014 © M L S Baisch

Rat swimming the Snake River, Idaho

Rat swimming the Snake River, Idaho