ross road, etc. is the gateway to a blog that journals my life as a writer, iris gardener, and someone who thoroughly enjoys old-fashioned country living.

Living in the cracks has long been my metaphor for my life.

Some people seem to be straight-arrow focused. I seem not to be. I have focuses. I've always had focuses. From time-to-time I take stock of what, exactly, I'm doing and I adjust, delimit, or eliminate what I can from a busy life.

I actually thought that, when my children left home, I would have a planned and scheduled life. It didn't happen.

Whether from necessity or proclivity, my life continues to have focuses. You can expect my journal to reflect my day-to-day pursuits, but you can also expect that those pursuits roam predictable trajectories: writing, gardening, country living, and occassional fine art projects.

Along the way, you're going to meet the important people in my life, including my husband DJ. He's the rock that I lean on.

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Mona L Spaulding Baisch - writing from Weiser, Idaho


DJ and Mona